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Our projects start with our clients.  

Our clients present us with a legal problem and the commercial end they have in mind.  Our lawyers then work closely with software engineers and graphic designers to devise software, processes and/or advice that is easy to understand and apply. Our elegant design solutions are always grounded in technically robust legal analysis.

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It is virtually impossible for large Owners Corporations to pass "special resolutions" on key issues (for example licensing common property, amending its rules or bringing legal proceedings to pursue its rights).  Where there are hundreds of lot owners, getting 75% of lot owners to agree is a monumental hurdle. ClickVoting solves this problem.  ClickVoting allows lot owners to vote by clicking on any mobile device or computer. ClickVoting has removed the friction associated with paper ballots by streamlining the voting process.  With ClickVoting there is no need for lot owners to print, vote, sign and then post back their ballot paper.  Lot owners simply click their vote.  Our lawyers have worked hard to ensure the process complies with statutory obligations.   Achieve higher levels of engagement.   Better serve the need of lot owners.  ClickVoting is a must have tool for all Owners Corporation Committees.

Projects Lab

Our team are currently working on range of projects to help your sales team close deals faster and negotiate like a lawyer.

We are absolutely excited about getting you the competitive advantage.

More details in October 2017.




We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.  

LawGraph draws on this power to pioneer a new complimentary approach to delivering legal advice.

Through the use of legal graphics, LawGraph provides a snapshot of key contractual terms - making it easy for parties to understand their rights and obligations.

Achieve more effective communication of legal advice with LawGraph.